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For YEARS, I was a RENTER ... as a busy young professional, I never thought I could afford to own in an expensive city like LA or NYC or Honolulu so I have paid OVER $650,000 toward someone else's mortgage instead of my own. BIGGEST MISTAKE I'VE EVER MADE!

I'm (first name) JED...
(last name) INDUCTIVO

(a nickname since college)


a.k.a. JED.  


I could have been a Millionaire at this point had I known not only how possible  BUT-- how affordable homeownership actually is.  Renting just seemed cheaper but it's NOT - it's costing you more than you think.  Owning your home and  creating a plan to BUILD WEALTH is 100% possible -- Let me show you how! 

Wealth-Building COACH &
CHEERLEADER for a better life!

Working with me will always mean digging deep on your short and long term goals and figuring solutions that helps you get closer from where you are today to where you want to be.  Whether that's buying your first home or procuring your first investment property, I will always nudge you a step closer toward your goals.  Our first appointment affectionately referred to as a Vision & Initial Possibilities (V.I.P) meeting starts this journey of discovery for both YOU and ME.  

My Passion and Goal is educate, coach and support you toward achieving the life that you 100% can absolutely have through Real Estate.  Building wealth doesn't happen over night -- it a progression of strategic decisions made based on the market, the financial climate, and your life circumstances.  I'm here to help you maneuver those factors and be a your Life-time Advisor.  I will help you care for your most valuable asset (first-home) and then help you procure others or right-size toward the next chapter in your life.   

Should you want to build a portfolio of cash-flow income properties-- I have an AMAZING network of like-minded trusted agents outside of CA that can make that possible!


how do we make this happen for you?

 I believe in the slow and steady approach to success!

That means slowing down, taking a beat and making sure we have:
  1. Identified Goals (short & long term)
  2. Gathered all the Necessary Information
  3. Cleared up any misconceptions and/or mis-information
  4. Have a clear, agreed upon Strategic Plan
  5. Follow a proven PROCESS for BUYING and SELLING in any market
  6. Course-correct as we go
  7. REVIEW ANNUALLY your identified goals (rinse & repeat 1-6 as necessary)

This starts with a V.I.P. Discovery Meeting.  I promise the amount of time you invest with me in the beginning will save you time & money in the long run. No Buyer's remorse, No "Should have, Could have", No rash decisions -- just clarity to help me, help you, plan and achieve your goals. 

You will never feel pressured because you will be well-prepared to make decisions when we are in GAME TIME.  I provide the information & counsel but YOU will always 100% make the critical decisions.  

"To swim in the ocean-You first need to learn how to swim!"

The V.I.P. Meeting is your first SWIM Lesson

giving back 🌈

I am a PROUD member of the Keller Williams Rainbow Network which founded the LBGT+ Housing Initiative.

I donate a portion of every commission check to this amazing 501 (c) (3) Non-profit organization that pools donations like mine and distributes 100% back to LGBTQAI+ Homeless Shelters throughout the US.

LGBTQAI+ Youth are more than twice as likely to experience homelessness as compared to their straight peers and while Queer youth only make up 7% of the total US youth population -- they compromise an alarming 40% of all young people who are homeless in the US today.

In fact, these youth who experienced homelessness reported considering suicide at twice the rate and attempted suicide at more than three times the rate of their peers with housing stability.



Let's Get Our Kids off the Street!

my ecosystem of trusted advisors

Real estate is not a solo sport -- like much of life-- in order to be successful it requires a trusted team of professionals that are like-minded with a CLIENT-FIRST approach to business.  I am proud to recommend these trusted advisors, many who have become friends and whom I would trust with my own family.  I did the pre-vetting for you!  These amazing human-beings will help you and me achieve YOUR goals!


who else should i know?

My right & left hand.  She will be yours too and make sure the transaction goes smoothly.


Her design and eye for  aesthetics will ensure any collateral or marketing piece looks stunning.

Steven Klein
The Insurance Jedi

Steven knows every trick in the book on how to save on insurance. Give him call. If anything he's fun to chat with. Everyone love Steven.

Jo Ann Fonacier
Marketing Jedi

Rachel Gallagher
Transaction Jedi

Julie Bratton
1031 Exchange Officer

Rebecca BridgeFarmer
Credit Optimization

Crystal Mantecon
Credit Repair Specialist
Student Loan Advisor

Paul Bojic
Real Estate Attorney

Debra Koven
Estate Planning Attorney

A dear mentor & friend who leads the Luxury Division. She consults and supports all my Luxury Listings.

Christina Arechaederra
Luxury Jedi

Marty Mead
Real Estate Law Jedi

Marty & his team will ensure all transactions are legally sound & worry free.

aka THE LOAN QUEEN! has every loan product you can think of and specializes in NON-QM loans.

Wanna show you're good as cash. Sam can upfront underwrite and get you financed to close in 10 days!

Kevin Sprague

Kev is the part financial planner, part real estate advisor, part loan officer & 100% AWESOME!

Samantha Scherr

Anastasia Bonholtzer

FHA? VA? Kelvin will find a creative solution for any circumstance you may have!

Kelvin Craver

Gabriel Lozano

Gabe offers a RATE GUARANTEE PROGRAM + speaks perfect Spanish!

Crystal will help you fix your credit & and student loan issues  too! Call her!

Julie is a 27 year veteran and knows the ins & out of any tax deferred exchange

Debra help you and your plan and  stay protected otherwise CA has a plan for you and its costly. 

Rebecca's sweet but FIREY & will get any creditor to take a 2nd look at your file

Paul provides no BS counsel on what your options are in any sticky Real Estate situation.

What's The TEA on Jed Inductivo?

when i'm not real estating...

I fell in love with the world of hospitality almost immediately!  It was FUN, Exciting... the money was ridiculous -- like $1000 CASH a night -- where that cash went is another story 😬

Unfortunately, many industry folks work better when they are drunk -- that wasn't my talent -- I'm a terrible drunk bartender so I quickly moved into management as the last standing sober-working associate that wasn't fired πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

It was in management that I fell in love with fine wine, sakΓ© and cocktail culture.  It was NOBU NY and then NOBU WAIKIKI that changed my trajectory and made Hawai'i home for over 12 years.  My next love was Starwood Hotels & Resorts-- the invaluable lessons of organization, processes, talent coaching, leadership, guest relations and gracious Aloha Hospitality that has become part of my DNA and prepared me so well for Real Estate -- which I love more every day ❀️

Here are random things that make me happy (judgement expected) -- Costco, Housewives, Documentaries, Audible, Mel Robbins, Traveling, Fitness/Wellness, Pour-over Coffee, a glass of RosΓ©, a Good Pool,  any Beach, a Weighted Blanket, Thom Browne,  Chucks, Apple, Hawai'i, and a Label Maker πŸ€“

So I was born in Quezon City (the Philipines - Babuhay πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­) however I moved to Queens, NY when I was 7 months old. My mom is from Ecuador πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨ and my late father (who recently passed from Covid-19) was from Manilla. If asked, I just say "Ecua-pino"😁 We moved to Brooklyn, NY a few years later (way before Brooklyn became hip and too cool for skool lol)

I'm a public school kid so Real Estate, Financial Literacy,  Wealth-building -- none of it was ever exposed to me.  I was however fortunate to be academically inclined and got snip-its when I  went to Cornell University in Ithaca NY πŸ₯Ά. 

So how did this Pre-Med kid pivot into Hospitality -- 9/11!  I was on the then Q train crossing over the Manhattan Bridge when the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower of the World Trade Center.   It was a critical moment for me to re-evaluate my pursuit of Medicine and realize it was my parent's dream, not mine.  During those uncertain times--bars, restaurants & nightclubs were bustling. I thought "in times of crisis the world of hospitality will never go dark" -- apparently - a Pandemic 20 years later proved otherwise.

Truly, everyday is a G i f t!

I thought exactly the same!

My parents are first generation immigrants so I was never taught the SECRETS OF GENERATIONAL WEALTH. I believe everyone has the opportunity to be a Homeowner & BUILD WEALTH through Real Estate. It starts with buying your first home--Let me show you how!

 I'll send you my "Tell-All" Guide on SECRETS TO GENERATIONAL WEALTH and uncover how 90% of the World's Millionaires do it through Real Estate.

think it's too expensive to buy your first home in Los Angeles? 


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