Woody Harrelson’s HOLY WATER Bar + a peek at the THC Lounge… The Woods 🍸🪴😁

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First Impressions: The Welcome Committee

My adventure into Holy Water, Woody Harrelson’s bar, kicked off with a mix of excitement and slight intimidation, thanks to the very large black-clad bouncer guarding the entrance at 5:30 PM. It seemed a tad overkill for us early birds, but it made sense given its connection to the “Woods Lounge,” a socially conscious cannabis lounge… right next door. While we stuck to Holy Water, a peek at both venues revealed a level of sophistication and charm that this 20-year hospitality veteran totally appreciated.

The Ambiance: Intimate Hollywood Hideaway

Once inside, Holy Water, the collaborative venture of Harrelson, tennis legend John McEnroe, and television personality Bill Maher, enveloped us in an ambiance that was both intimate and sophisticated. The bar, divided into two main lounges, boasted an atmosphere reminiscent of a private Hollywood Hills residence. The decor, a tasteful fusion of antique wood and lush fig trees, added a touch of rustic elegance, making the space feel both welcoming and exclusive. Each lounge, designed to accommodate around 30 guests, offered a sense of privacy and comfort, creating an ideal setting for relaxed conversations and personal celebrations. This unique blend of homeliness and refinement spoke volumes of the partners’ vision to create a space that was as inviting as it was stylish.

The Menu: Curated Craftsmanship on Display

The drink menu at Holy Water, while concise, was a testament to the establishment’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It featured a carefully selected assortment of wines from diverse regions such as California, Italy, France, and an intriguing entry from Maryland, alongside artisanal beers from both local and global producers, with prices ranging from $8 to $9. The cocktail selection, though limited to six choices, each priced at $16, showcased an impressive dedication to craft mixology. The bartenders, true artisans of their trade, were eager to tailor drinks to our preferences, offering a bespoke experience that went beyond the standard menu. Their ability to adapt each cocktail into a zero-proof version further demonstrated Holy Water’s inclusive approach, ensuring that every guest, regardless of their drinking preferences, could enjoy a crafted beverage tailored just for YOU!

My Cocktail Critique: ‘The Screaming Viking’

Choosing the Screaming Viking from the cocktail list, I was intrigued by its composition of… Hijos De Zoila mezcal, Mujen shochu, Pernod, cucumber, agave, and lime. This seemed like a promising meticulous balance as I was reminiscing back to my bartending days at NOBU. However, the cocktail’s heavy emphasis on mezcal overshadowed the potential harmony of flavors, resulting in a drink that, to my palate, felt overwhelmingly dominated by the smoky spirit. There is a subtlety and balance of ingredients that I believe is paramount in the delicate art of cocktail crafting and unfortunately– this drink’s imbalance missed the mark for me. Despite this, I am still very curious about the rest of the cocktail menu , especially the Autumn Drives which mixes spiced Rittenhouse rye, amaro, and organic date syrup — hopefully a simpler and more harmonious symphony.

Complimentary Snacks: A Gesture of Hospitality

The absence of a full kitchen was ingeniously mitigated by the offering of complimentary snacks, a gesture that added an extra layer of hospitality to our visit. The selection of light bites, including marinated olives, house potato chips, dried sesame snacks, and hummus with pita chips, provided a delightful accompaniment to our drinks. The policy of complimentary refills on these snacks was particularly generous, ensuring that guests could continue to enjoy these tasty nibbles throughout their stay, further enhancing the overall experience of warmth and welcome at Holy Water.

Next Door: A Glimpse into the Woods Lounge

While our evening was dedicated to the liquid offerings of Holy Water, the allure of the adjacent ‘Woods Lounge’ was impossible to ignore. Just a peek revealed a lush, tropical courtyard oasis, complete with a fireplace, koi pond, and innovative “consumption lounge spaces” (that seat 8)… seemed to promise an equally memorable experience. The VIP Tree House cabana, in particular, caught our eye as a unique feature that warrants a dedicated 2nd visit. While I personally don’t partake in THC consumption—not due to any political or social objections, but because my body and mind scream NOOOOO… its now just PTSD from my college days at Cornell. With that said I’m always glad to accompany and share the experience with friends who do 😁.

The Final Verdict: An Unforgettable Encounter with a Promise of More

Our evening at Holy Water proved to be an unforgettable journey into a world where attention to detail, a commitment to quality, and an ethos of inclusivity converged to create a truly memorable experience. The bar, with its intimate ambiance, curated menu, and gracious hospitality, left an indelible mark on me, inviting not just a return visit but an anticipation of new discoveries and experiences. The intrigue the neighboring Woods Lounge adds an exciting dimension to future adventures, promising that the exploration of Woody Harrelson’s imaginative ventures is far from over. Holy Water, with its perfect blend of intimacy, craftsmanship, and warmth, stands out as a beacon of hospitality in LA’s vibrant nightlife scene 😎


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I'm YOUR Real Estate JED.i and I love helping first time home buyers make their first home more affordable and I love helping sellers looking to move up to their forever home. Let's jump on a V.I.P. (Vision & Initial Possibilities) Call and see where you're at and I'll help you figure out next steps to getting you where you want to be!

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