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In a world where kale smoothies reign supreme and avocado toast is the holy grail, the dieting game can feel like a never-ending comedy of errors. From counting calories to measuring portions with the precision of a chemist, it’s no wonder many folks are ditching the dieting drama for a more intuitive approach to eating. 

Are you feeling some disillusionment when it comes to “watching what you eat” for health or weight loss? I’m here to tell you there’s a much better way! Let’s dive into the escapades that unfold when someone decides to break up with dieting and embrace the world of intuitive eating.

1. Farewell to Food Rules:

Picture this: You’re at a dinner party, eyeballing the cheese platter like it’s the last supper, when suddenly, a voice in your head screams, “Thou shalt not indulge!” Ah, the classic dieting dilemma. With intuitive eating, say goodbye to the food police in your head and hello to culinary liberation. Want that extra slice of pizza? Go for it! Craving chocolate at 8 p.m.? Indulge that sweet tooth with pride and TRUST that you won’t overindulge because you’ve finally taken chocolate off the pedestal! Intuitive eating throws the rulebook out the window and lets you dance to the beat of your own stomach growls. Ironically, when you give yourself permission to eat, the forbidden foods lose their power and you might start craving more veggies as a result. 

2. The Great Body Acceptance Showdown:

Whoever said “beauty is pain” clearly never experienced the agony of squeezing into skinny jeans after a holiday feast. Traditional diets promise the moon and stars in the form of six-pack abs and thigh gaps, but at what cost? Enter intuitive eating, stage left, with a refreshing message: Your body is a temple, not a torture chamber. By embracing your curves, rolls, and everything in between, you can strut through life with the confidence of a runway model—minus the runway, of course.

3. Be Gone Yo-Yo Weight Rollercoaster:

Ah, the infamous weight loss rollercoaster—the only ride where the thrill quickly turns to nausea and despair. Traditional diets have us chasing after elusive numbers on the scale like amateur treasure hunters, only to find ourselves right back where we started once the diet ends. With intuitive eating, it’s less about the destination and more about the journey. By tuning in to your body’s hunger and fullness signals, you can bid farewell to the weight loss merry-go-round and hello to a more sustainable way of life – including a more stable weight and flattering wardrobe that doesn’t require multiple sizes!

4. Mindful Munching:

In a world of drive-thru dinners and desk-side snacking, mindful eating often feels like a lost art form. But fear not, brave soul! Intuitive eating invites you to slow down, savor each bite, and unleash your inner food critic. From the crunch of fresh lettuce to the ooey-gooey goodness of melted cheese, every mouthful becomes a culinary adventure worthy of a Michelin star. And ironically, this focus on mindful munching fuels your own inner nutritionist that knows exactly what you need to eat to feel your best and reach your health goals! Bon appétit, my friend!

5. The Mental Health Comedy Hour:

Let’s face it—dieting can be a real buzzkill for mental health. From counting macros to dodging dessert like it’s a landmine, the pressure to meet society’s beauty standards can feel downright exhausting. Intuitive eating flips the script by putting your mental well-being front and center. By embracing self-care and showing yourself some much-needed TLC, you can bid adieu to dieting-induced stress and hello to a happier, healthier you– whether or not your body conforms to unrealistic standards.

6. Celebrating Individuality:

News flash: One size does not fit all—especially when it comes to eating. What works for your yoga-loving neighbor might send your taste buds into a full-blown revolt. Intuitive eating celebrates your unique flavor profile and encourages you to tap into your unique body’s needs. Whether you’re a tofu-loving vegan or a card-carrying carnivore, there’s no judgment here—just good vibes and great eats.

So there you have it, —the comedy of errors known as breaking up with dieting and embracing intuitive eating. From bidding adieu to food rules to embracing your body’s beautiful quirks, the journey to intuitive eating is anything but boring. After all, life’s too short for bland salads and joyless meals. Let’s raise a toast  to a delicious journey toward food freedom, self-discovery, and true health!

And one more delicious side  note – If you are thinking this might be too good to be true, you’re not alone. Trading food freedom for true health is a reasonable concern for those considering the intuitive eating path. I mean, did you learn to swim the first time you were thrown in the water? No, you needed some guidance, coaching, and support to ensure your confidence diving in. Seeking out professional support is KEY to ensuring you walk the new path to food freedom without eating yourself into a coma and feeling less than stellar as a result. 

Reach out to Beth Basham, Registered Dietitian and Liberated Body Coach, for a free 20-minute consultation to see if her Peace with Food & Soul Method™, which includes intuitive eating, is right for you! It’s time to take your life back by healing your relationship to food and your body, don’t you agree? 

You can also check out her podcast, Beyond Intuitive Eating, for a more mindful and sustainable approach to reaching your health goals.

Beth Basham, MS, RD, LD, is a dietitian and food/body freedom coach with over 20 years of experience. She will be your guide on a transformational journey toward peace with food, acceptance of your body, and more joy in your life. With a masters in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition, and extensive training on trauma-informed nutrition therapy, somatic therapy, mind-body approaches she seamlessly blends these dynamic elements to help you achieve optimal health. Beth is a mother of two, wife, and dog lover who resides in the Colorado mountains, finds connection in nature, and receives immense joy from supporting others.

Ready to transform your relationship with food and body, embrace TRUE vitality, and reclaim what’s meant for you? Beth is your guide to powerful change!


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I'm YOUR Real Estate JED.i and I love helping first time home buyers make their first home more affordable and I love helping sellers looking to move up to their forever home. Let's jump on a V.I.P. (Vision & Initial Possibilities) Call and see where you're at and I'll help you figure out next steps to getting you where you want to be!

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